30 September — 02 October 2013
Florianópolis — Santa Catarina, Brazil



Technical visits, mini simposium and tour in Rio

We are organizing an optional Program in Rio de Janeiro city for the ones who the participants of the 2013 Nonthermal Workshop in Brazil.

The Program will consist on:

Scientific Program  - Friday 4th October

Technical visits to Embrapa Food Technology and to the University of Rio de Janeiro.

»    The visit at Embrapa Food Technology will include visits to laboratories and pilot plant including the following facilities: high pressure, membrane, ozone, extrusion, control atmosphere micro chambers, besides conventional technologies (drying, thermal processes) and ISO certified analytical laboratories (microbiology, gas and liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, sensory, physical properties, chemical analyses). The visit to the Federal University of Rio will include the high pressure and protein structure laboratories and the Magnetic Resonance Center.

»    A mini symposium focusing on International Cooperation on Nonthermal Technologies, to discuss the perspectives and mechanisms for an international cooperation network in the area.

Tourist Program -  Saturday 5th October

A tour to the main Rio Janeiro touristic sights, including the Sugar Loaf mountain and the Christ Statue, besides a sightseeing along the most famous Rio's beaches.

At the evening there will have an optional dinner in a restaurant with a samba show.


The Program in Rio is independent of the Workshop although destined to the Workshop participants. In that sense, the costs are not included in the registration fee and must be paid separately.

The price for the package including technical visits, transfer hotel-airport and tour in Rio is R$ 270.00 (real). The price for the dinner is R$ 195.00.

Due to other events that will happen in Rio at the same period and in order to assure the prices above the booking and payment must be done by 15th July, booking after 15th July may depend on the availability and may have costs adjustments.

Please note that the program and the prices consider group transfer and tour. If by any reason  there isn't a minimum number of participants the prices will  be based on private services rate.

Unfortunately the organization will not be able to be progress with the flight booking. The flight tickets from Florianopolis to Rio must be purchased independently and individually by each participant. In spite of a change in the Program (by concentrating the technical visits to the 4th October Friday), we   recommend  the participants to purchase a ticket in any flight that arrives at Rio International airport up to 2:30 pm on that day before (October 3rd, Thursday), since the bus will leave the airport to the hotels at 3 pm.

There are two options we recommend for the hotels, in which we have blocked standard or rooms for the group, as follows:

1) Olinda Rio Hotel
       Site: http://www.johnsontour.com/hoteis_rio/olindariohotel.html
       Daily rate single or double:
       Luxo sea view: R$ 433,00 (real) plus tax (15%)
       Standard:    R$ 360,00 (real) plus tax  (15%)
       Breakfast included

2) Benidorm Palace hotel
    Site: http://www.johnsontour.com/hoteis_rio/benidormpalace_en.html
    Daily rate:
    Sandard single room: R$ 280.00 (real) plus tax (15%)
    Standard double room: R$ 340.00 (real) plus tax (15%)
    Breakfast included


In order to book the Program in Rio please send a message to Johnsontour
e-mail dora@johnsontour.com or johnsontour@johnsontour.com, touristic agency by mentioning in the subject Embrapa.

The hotel booking can be done at the following link:

Flights from Florianópolis to Rio

The flights have to be booked by each particpants and are not included in the package prices. However, it is also possible to contact the Johnson tour agency aiming at booking the flights.

The following flights are possible options in order to arrive close to the time the bus will leave Rio de Janeiro international airport to the hotels:

1)    Company Gol Flight G3-2083  (www.voegol.com.br)
       Departure from Florianopolis at 09:32
       Arrival at Rio de Janeiro at 12:30
       One stopover

2)   Company Gol Flight G3-1505 (www.voegol.com.br)
      Departure from Florianopolis at 10:06
      Arrival at Rio de Janeiro at 14:18
      One stopover

3)    Company TAM Flight JJ3410 (www.tam.com.br)
       Departure from Florianopolis at 12:18
       Arrival at Rio de Janeiro at 14:20
       Direct flight

4)    Company TAM Flight JJ3102/JJ326 (www.tam.com.br)
       Departure from Florianopolis at 10:25
       Arrival at Rio de Janeiro at 13:33
       One flight conection







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