30 September — 02 October 2013
Florianópolis — Santa Catarina, Brazil



Dr. Katherine Helena Oliveira de Matos - Local Organizing Chair, SENAI



Katherine is a Food Engineer with a degree from the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Brazil). She got her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Food Engineering from the same university in 2006 and 2013, respectively. Her PhD was focused on bacterial inactivation using supercritical carbon dioxide. She is Lead Assessor in ISO 22000:2005, consultant, auditor and trainer of the Food Safety Program (PAS – Brazilian program) for the Industrial Sector. She joined SENAIsc in 2004. She worked as an instructor and consultant for SENAIsc in Florianópolis for the implementation of Food Safety Management Systems. Faculty member of the MBA Postgraduate Course in Food Safety Management and the advisor in Undergraduate Thesis Work related to the management of food safety. She worked in the implementation and internal audits of Food Quality and Safety Management Systems in various industries within the segment. Since 2011 she is the Strategic Coordinator for the Implementation of SENAIsc Institute of Food Technology at SENAIsc. Her main areas of research are food safety and supercritical fluids for bacterial inactivation in food.






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