30 September — 02 October 2013
Florianópolis — Santa Catarina, Brazil



Dr. Oliver Schlüter —  ATB Potsdam, Germany


alcileneOliver Schlüter received his Ph.D. in food technology at the Berlin University of Technology. Since 2003, he is a senior scientist at the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam e. V. (ATB). Dr Schlüter is the coordinator of the research program on “Quality and safety of food and feed”, head of the ATB working group on food safety and vice-head of the Department of Horticultural Engineering. 

His research work focuses on emerging technologies in primary food production (fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, edible insects) and fresh food processing (high pressure, ozone, plasma etc.), optimisation and innovation of processing steps along the food chain of perishables (e.g. RFID-technology), and non-destructive quality and safety monitoring (fluorescence image analysis, flow cytometry, biosensors, etc.).”







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