30 September — 02 October 2013
Florianópolis — Santa Catarina, Brazil




The 2013 Nonthermal Food Processing Workshop is a unique international event which focuses on creating market opportunities for a range of value-added food products arising from applications of science in the area of innovative food processing technologies.

The workshop gives sponsors the opportunity for broad exposure to delegates from the food and associated industries, researchers and academics together in one targeted forum. Many sponsorship options are available for the program developed for this three day event. The program includes plenary sessions focusing on the role of innovative technologies across four themes: Food safety and legislation; Marketing, competitiveness and innovation; Quality; and Sustainability.

Breakout sessions will further disseminate and discuss the theme topics in the commodity areas of milk and dairy, meat, seafood, bakery, cereals, and horticulture foods. Further detail is shown in the workshop program and will beregularly updated on the web site.






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